As we are a BMFA affiliated Club BMFA insurance is mandatory for all members.

New members who are not existing members of the BMFA will be required to to pay the BMFA fee at the same time as the Club subscription.

Existing members of the BMFA will be required to show evidence of membership.

BMFA fees and Club fees cover you from 1st January to 31st December yearly.

Club fees: New members will pay a reduced fee depending on the month of joining.

We have an initial joining fee of £20 over and above the subscription fee (Senior Members only).

This is a once only payment valid throughout continued membership.

New Members


EMFC is predominately a fixed wing club.

New joiners will not be allowed to fly helicopters or multi-rotor models (e.g Quad drones).

First Person View ( FPV ) flying is not permitted on the flying field.

Click here to request a  Membership Application or for more information.

Club Fees 2018

Joining Fee: £20.00 (Seniors only)

Subscription Fees (Full Year): 

Seniors: £36.00

Family Partner: £24.00 

Juniors (under 18yrs) : £12.00

From July 1st the Subscription Fees are reduced by 50% 

BMFA Fees 2018 (From 1st July)

Seniors: £26.00 Juniors: £13.00

Family Partner: £17.00 Family Junior: £10.00

Family membership:

Must be living at the same address as the Senior member.

Click here to download and print  a Membership  Application Form