So you Want To Fly!



EMFC is predominately a fixed wing club.

New joiners will not be allowed to fly helicopters or Quads until proficient to BMFA 'A' Standard in fixed wing flying. There are limited licenses for helicopter and Quad flying. First Person View ( FPV ) flying is not permitted on the flying field.

Flying radio controlled model aircraft.

It is a rewarding sport open to both sexes and all ages giving tremendous enjoyment and a sense of achievement as you take control of your first aircraft.

You make new friends  and open up a whole new world of fun and adventure.

So what's next?

If you've not flown before ...

Don't spend any money until you visit our club's  flying field  and chat to members about how to get started.

Otherwise you may have spent lots of money on something you cannot use.

There are many different types of radio control equipment and they range from being very cheap to very expensive.

Club members can advise you on what equipment you will need and where to obtain it.

They will explain to you the different types of model aircraft, power units and field equipment.

Don't turn up with a 'Spitfire' and expect to fly it, it just won't happen.

In the beginning, you will probably need a 'Trainer' model aircraft which is specially  designed  to give you a stable flight and enable you to develop the skills of flying the aircraft at your own pace.

Club members may be able to help you out with much of the field equipment you will need until you can afford to get your own gear.


Everyone who visits our club flying field are assured of a friendly welcome with experienced BMFA examiners, instructors and pilots who can offer advice to all visitors on all aspects of model aircraft flying.

Any queries or concerns , please don't hesitate to contact our Club Secretary or Membership  Secretary (Click on the Contacts  link for details).