Boomerang Trainer ARTF

Wing Repair


Visible Damage

after cutting away

Plastic covering

The damaged areas were cut away to leave straight sides and edges.

The rib profiles were traced from an undamaged exposed rib.

Then glued to the remains of original Ribs.

1/8" Ply strip cut and glued to ends of ribs.

1/2" wide strips of 1/16" Balsa sheet were glued on the underside edges of cutouts.


1/16" Balsa sheet cut out and  glued slightly overhanging front edge strip.

Planed and sanded flush.

1/4" Balsa strip glued to ply front edge.

Leading Edge shaped and sanded to match .


Balsa loc brushed on to exposed areas. Left to dry and  Covered with White Pro Film


Trimmed with Red and Blue Solar Trim