Annex A                                                                            

FLYING RULES.                                                     

1. Safety is paramount at all times.

2. All pilots flying on the Club's field must adhere to the BMFA guidelines.

3. The "peg-on" frequency control system is to be used at all times.

     Only 35 Mhz transmitters (Channels 55 to 83) and 2.4 Ghz transmitters are permitted on Club sites.

4. Flying is not permitted whilst the grass is being cut.

5. Members must not fly their models before 9am and after sunset.


6. All members must take care to ensure, wherever possible, that their models do not fly close to members of the public, in particular those on horses, or farm employees working in the adjacent fields.

7. Over flying the pit area, parked cars and Little Lane at any height should be avoided wherever possible. Deliberate flying to the East of Little Lane is not permitted.

8. No more than 4 models are to be flying at any one time. Pilots flying fixed wing model aircraft should position themselves in a group, close to the pits, so that all can hear any warnings that may be given by non-flying members.

9. Taxiing into and out of the pit area is forbidden. Helicopter rotors may not be engaged at any time in or adjacent to, the pit area.

10. Helicopters may only be flown by members who hold written permission from the Secretary. Helicopters may not be flown at the same time as Fixed Wing aircraft. Should both disciplines be on the field at the same time, members present must agree on an even distribution of flying time.

11. If two models are on a collision course, both models must break off to the right.

12. New members are not permitted to fly alone (i.e. no other member present on the field) until they have been assessed as safe by one of the Club's Examiners.

                  Note: Examiners will NOT examine a member whose model has not been noise tested.

13. New members who are novice pilots (i.e. do not hold a BMFA Certificate.) are only permitted to fly under competent supervision. Supervisors must remain close enough to take over in an emergency.

14. All pilots should avoid flying across the line of sight of novice pilots when these are under instruction.

15. Only members are permitted on the Flight Line at any time. All members are required to ensure that this rule is upheld.

 Note: Exceptionally a member who is teaching a junior member (under the age of 16) may permit the attendant parent/guardian to be present on the flight line providing he/she is aware of the safety requirements.

16. If full size aircraft approach the vicinity of the field, all model aircraft are immediately to be flown to a low level (less than 50ft) and, if necessary, landed as soon as possible.

Note. All members present on the field have a duty to keep a lookout for full size aircraft approaching the field and bring such aircraft to the attention of members flying their models.

17. When retrieving models from adjacent fields, members are to use the gates provided. All gates must be returned to the open/shut state in which they are found.

18. Model engines are only to be ground run in the pit area.

19. Incidents involving "Fly Away" models must be reported to a Committee member and the police as soon as possible.

20 All members must make sure that they are aware of the guidance on Accidents/Incidents as detailed under the GENERAL FLYING section of the BMFA handbook

21. Persons engaging in the first time Inexperienced Flyer Scheme must be supervised directly by one of the Club’s Examiners or Instructors. The Committee has authorized no other Club Member, to undertake this supervision.

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