Annex F



1. Noise levels must be kept to a minimum at all times.

2. Members should carry their Club membership cards with them and can be asked to show them to any person to any person making a reasonable request to see it.

3. The flying site is to be kept clean. All litter is to be removed from the site.

4. The last member to leave the flying field is required to ensure that the gate is securely closed. It is good practice to keep the gate closed at all times irrespective of whether or not there are not sheep in the field.

5. Cars must not be driven on to the mowed pits or flying areas or on to areas where the grass is being grown for hay.

6. Cars should be parked close to the fence in the parking area suitable for the wind direction. Members, other than those who are disabled, should carry their equipment to the pits from the parking area.

7. Members must ensure that all persons who are not BMFA members are kept at a safe distance from the pits and flying area at all times.

8. Children are to be kept under strict supervision at all times when at the flying site to avoid causing unnecessary hazards. All members must ensure that visitors to the flying site are aware of this rule.

9. Dogs must not be allowed to wander onto the flying field. Any doggy calls of nature must take place off the flying field or be removed by the owner.

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