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1. It is the responsibility of the owner of any model to comply with paragraph 9 of the constitution.

2. Noise tests will be carried out in accordance with the procedure recommended by the BMFA.

3. Failure to meet the noise limits decided by the Committee will require the model owner to take action to reduce the noise to an acceptable level within a reasonable time frame.

4. If after a reasonably agreed time and/or when all ideas have been explored, the engine still does not meet the noise limits set by the club, the model will be deemed as ‘noisy’ and will be subject to the flying restrictions as
detailed below.

Models deemed as ‘noisy’

a. Only ONE ‘noisy’ model may be airborne at any one time.

b. A member who intentionally flies a ‘noisy’ model when another ‘noisy’ model is airborne is in breech of Club Rules.

5. The Noise Officer is to report the results of all tests and action taken, to the Club’s Committee.

1. It is recommended that all members attach their Noise Certificate to the model to avoid any misunderstandings when on the field.
2. New members should ensure that their models have been tested before they apply to an Examiner for a flying test.
3. The Noise Officer may delegate at his discretion, the conduct of tests to a suitably trained member of the Club