1. The Committee is authorised to expel in accordance with the following procedure, any member who consistently breaks the Club’s Rules or brings the Club into disrepute. Any member so expelled may not apply for re-admittance to membership for a period of 5 years from the date of expulsion.

2. If a Committee member receives a complaint that a Club member has been contravening the Club’s Constitution, Club Rules or has brought the Club into disrepute, the matter will be brought before the full Committee. If, after due consideration, which may include discussion with the person or persons laying the complaint and the member alleged to have committed the offence, the Committee find the complaint proven, the Secretary will be required to write to the member concerned advising the member that the complaint has been noted and that any further contravention of the Club rules within the period stated by the Committee, may result in the member being expelled from the Club.

3. Notwithstanding this procedure some breaches are regarded as so serious that the Committee may consider immediate expulsion. A list of such breaches is at annex D.

4. Any member receiving a discipline letter may appeal to the Committee, in writing, within four weeks of the date of the letter received. Such appeal should list any grounds of which the Committee may have not have been aware at the time of reaching their decision. After considering the appeal, the Committee’s decision is final.

5. The BMFA will be informed of the name of any member expelled from under this code of



6. If any member causes friction or disharmony amongst other club members the Club reserves the right to terminate the membership, of which a percentage of fees may be returned.



Breaking the following Club Rules may merit expulsion from the Club on a first occurrence:

1. Falsely claiming to be a member of the British Model Flying Association.

2. Flying a model aircraft, the engine of which is the subject of a Ban under the Noise Code of Practice.

3. Flying a model aircraft when full size aircraft are in the vicinity of the Club’s flying field if such flying results in a complaint, unless a member can verify that he had fully complied with the Clubs “Flying Rules”.

4. Flying in airspace declared by the Committee as Banned unless such flying is proven to be accidental. However, repeated accidental flying in Banned airspace may be considered as evidence of an incompetent flying ability.