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Greg Phillips

Club 1 Trainer

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Here is a couple of pics of CLub 1.
I had a student on the buddy lead for a quick trial flight the other evening. He was 80 years old, my oldest novice ever lol....
He was flying ok, and then steadily went into a loop. It wasn't fast or tight or anything, so I wasn't too bothered. As he came out of the loop, I took the plane back off him to line it up straight and level again, but just as it rolled out the last bit, the wing snapped off.
I was able to shut the throttle, but didn't have any other control over it, and she went down a few fields away..
We only found 1/2 a wing, couldn't find the other one anywhere despite looking for nearly an hour until it was dark.
Still, it wasn't a total loss. When we got back to the pits, it had become totally dark, but the sky's were crystal clear. I knew that the space shuttle and international space station were due to pass over at 8.36, so we started looking.
Both came over together, and it was an amazingly clear sighting being so dark at the field. It made the old chaps day a little better.....